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This includes a subscription to Boiler Room Trading monthly package.

  • Telegram Channel with all Typed Signals/Analysis
  • Live Voice Chat Trading 3 days a week via Zoom with KevinTrades and/or BrettSimba from 9:30-11:30am EST
  • Premarket Analysis Writeup
  • Sunday Night zoom sessions going over each week’s plan

$200.00 / month

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This includes a subscription to Boiler Room Trading monthly package.

  • Telegram Channel with all Typed Signals/Analysis
  • Live Voice Chat Trading 3 days a week via Zoom with KevinTrades and/or BrettSimba from 9:30-11:30am EST
  • Premarket Analysis Writeup
  • Sunday Night zoom sessions going over each week’s plan

172 reviews for Monthly Subscription

  1. Mohamed S.

    This membership is awesome and Brett/Kevin give out LIVE BANGER plays on the regular.

  2. elliott loving (verified owner)

    Gained so much knowledge AND made enough to cover a whole year of boiler room just off of the first live session!

  3. Sergio Soto (verified owner)

    The GOATS, changing lives everyday !!!!

  4. Abdo Saadi (verified owner)

    Racking money is awesome yes but the knowledge you gain from Kev and Brett is game changer!

  5. Jeremy Pellot (verified owner)

    If you aint here, you in the wrong place! These dudes fucking changed my life no cap

  6. James Shot

    I’m literally rich because of these guys… and they are hilarious. The entertainment alone is worth the membership

  7. Sunny (verified owner)

    Giving it five stars already for what’s coming!!
    Been following Kev for a while!!

  8. Garyuniverse

    Loads of good info and solid signals! If you take the time to listen and engage you’ll make back the subscription cost in no time and it’s all up hill from there.

  9. Shane Conn (verified owner)

    First time in it today from the freebie and now I’m a member. Awesome energy and exactly what my trading needed. Just buy it.

  10. Justin


  11. Randy Marin (verified owner)

    My first day on Boiler room and I can pay 3 months of the membership already with just one trade

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    One of the hardest parts of option trading is entries and exits of your position. These proven traders not only tell you when they are entering but explain WHY so you can educate yourself to become a profitable trader. 1 good day will pay for the year! Stop guessing, start earning today!
    And the vibe is a great bonus. Unmatched energy in this group 🔥

  13. John BONHOMME (verified owner)

    One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Literally feels like you’re at a options trading club first thing in the morning. Kev and Brett call out the plays as they’re also making them so you know they’re putting their money where their mouth is. They hit 8/10 or 9/10 trades so you’re in the green most days. They walk you through why and tell you where to put trailing stops etc. Amazing experience. Super happy to be apart of the community.

  14. Eddie

    Love the knowledge that Brett and Kevin drop, plus the fire tracks Brett plays. First day on Boiler paid paid for membership for almost 2 years 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Fausto Villa (verified owner)

    Whether you know how to trade or not, you’ll make money on your first day no doubt about that. They put on a show and the room be lit!

  16. FABRICIO GUTIERREZ (verified owner)

    Best decision I’ve ever made was sign up for Boiiler room. Brett and Kevin are the best to do it. They are out here changing lives.

  17. NickP89 (verified owner)

    Come be a part of a team that wants YOU to win. Was skeptical at first but these guys are everything that they say they are, and then some. They want to see everyone win. It seems as if they are in the business of changing lives, and I’m buying.

  18. Nayab Bolbolan (verified owner)

    I havr made best decision to be part of this. Still learning. Hopefully can build dreams into reality. I used to follow kevin for almost 8 months and now bought boiler.

  19. Sergio Quintero (verified owner)

    Joined the free days that they offered for Christmas and each trade was positive. One of the trades payed for my first month’s subscription so here I am, excited for the month

  20. CJ R. (verified owner)

    Went from trading on my own with a goal of $50+ per day… to learning from Brett and Kevin and making $500+ per day. 100% worth joining. Wish they did every day every week!

  21. Matthew Engels (verified owner)

    Great product lots of money made would buy again

  22. Adis Husidic (verified owner)

    The GOATS of trading. LFG!

  23. Thomas Sheroff (verified owner)

    Super easy to follow, informative and ive more than doubled my portfolio since joining. The vibes are amazing and bretts rapping is the best out currently.

  24. Daniel Peck (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the money. Not only do they give amazing plays but both Kev and Brett explain their thoughts and analysis. Great to learn and EARN!

  25. Jeremiah Richardson (verified owner)

    I love the boiler room it’s resulted in me learning so much and of course led to me making thousands of dollars! Thank you Brett and Kev!!

  26. Jaime Moro co (verified owner)

    I’m 2 days in and Brett brings it everyday!! This is worth it on every level and makes trading fun while teaching a whole lot of game!

  27. Hesham Aljahmi (verified owner)

    Being in the boiler room with this Brett the nut is amazing. Great place to spend your money and make much more money.

  28. Karl Scales (verified owner)

    made my monthly back the first day!!

  29. Mark McDonald

    These guys are great

  30. Jacob Jeffries (verified owner)

    Joined a week ago and have done $500+ in the first two days of trading with Brett and Kevin. It’s super easy to follow and to learn – as long as you can keep up with the chat & are ready to scream loud noises in your apartment. I’ll be sticking around for the long term! Highly recommend you grab a subscription.

  31. Chandler (verified owner)

    Brett is a absolute beast of a trader, his mindset, energy and trading skills are like no other. ChAt pays for itself in a day.

  32. Carlos Gutierrez

    Joined boiler room last week and made 10k profits before Xmas – kev and Brett the real deal!

  33. John Lauder (verified owner)

    Brett and Kevin are so knowledgeable and they make it fun!

  34. Nicklas Lynge (verified owner)

    my mom thought i was gay, talking about green dildos all day long. But just brett printing

  35. Christopher (verified owner)

    If you want to learn to make money…this is it! Great energy and plays! Worth every dollar! 2 million stars if I could!

  36. Justin Reginato (verified owner)

    Brett & Kev are the goats…no joke. Not only do they know what the hell they are doing, but they are willing to take time out of making guap to explain their reasoning behind their trades. They go above and beyond what you would expect from teachers of their status. Also Brett has fire play lits and gets you going!

  37. Angel Paulino

    Started out last week and only had green days, great energy, great calls/puts, and they actually teach you when time permits. Simply amazing!

  38. J

    Brett will really teach you as you make money with him! You won’t be disappointed. Plus he has a fire playlist which will wake you up and get excited for market! Win win situation

  39. David Legarra

    The knowledge + the atmosphere is the perfect combo in Boilor room. Gets me pumped to start the day! Better than sitting in silence starting at a monitor all morning

  40. Prestonn (verified owner)

    Learning a lot , and always good energy !

  41. Sue Ellen Sindler (verified owner)

    This server is amazing, made back the price of the server in one day! If you got the time, this is for you

  42. AP

    Worth it!! Best ZOOM group to increase your investments!

  43. Kaushal Silwal (verified owner)

    3 Days On Boiler Room and the monthly investment has already paid off. The energy and the learning is unreal. Its not like anything else. The setups are good; the rationale is solid and the profits are good. I am still learning but this is the right way of education. Thanks Brett and Kev; gonna tell my kids they are Buffet and Munger !!!

  44. Chrismunny (verified owner)

    Brett and Kev… these guys are the truth and will help you monetize off the market on a daily! Along with that, the music stays bumpin and the vibes is always pumpin!

  45. Eugene D. (verified owner)

    Ive made more money in the last 6 trading days than the last 3 months trading on my own. I initially thought I was just purchasing voice plays but its alot more than that. Brett goes over his TA and why he takes trades and has taught things books and youtube dont teach. Ive made the 150 monthly sub plenty times over. This is easily the greatest investment I have ever done.

  46. Kyle Ho

    Just joined and the transparency they have is unreal, along with the technical explanations for why trades are placed and constantly teaching things every call. Even just one of their trades can cover the cost of the course. Learning more and more every time, Jeffrey Bezos!

  47. Jia Nian Tan (verified owner)

    Brett n Kev is funny in trading especially when it is ripping or somebody asks a dumb question. 200% Worth the money and breakeven within the day. Love it when they do live trading daily. Gonna make the 10K challenge to 5 figure monthly.

  48. Anthony Hayward (verified owner)

    Really amazing. Definitely learn a lot more watching them trade live. Looking forward to making these gains!

  49. Luis diaz (tonythebarber) (verified owner)

    By far the easiest follow along way to become a successful options trader…they are on the money and they make it fun to trade in a stress free environment

  50. Lydia Wong (verified owner)

    turning dreams into reality, best trading live zoom ever! love the vibe of the room and the knowledge shared!

  51. Ace

    Brett is wild, but he alerts banger plays every single day. Can’t complain when he’s making me money and teaching me to make my own plays too.

  52. Paul Sanz (verified owner)

    Account up 500% in a month and a half. Brett and Kevin are complete opposites but work together in harmony. The boys really be a vibe and worth the money. When slots open grab em

  53. Quentin Marion (verified owner)

    I make 10-20x the monthly investment for boiler room DAILY. Just thank you Brett

  54. Steven Maria

    Boiler room 100% worth it. Tried it last week for the free days and got the subscription right away. The energy is just right. Brett and Kevin know what they are doing and will take the time to explain their thoughts on a play. The subscription was paid for on day 1.
    They wanna win and I wanna win, it’s great for me.

  55. smurarik (verified owner)

    I bought this to listen in before work and learn bits of info on how to trade options. It’s a good way to wake up and learn something for the day and follow Brett and Kevin’s signals. You’ll make the money back that you put into the course.

  56. Carlos Gomez (verified owner)

    Very legit! Brett and Kev are really insightfull and call great day trades and swings. The profits easily pay for the membership, dont be scared. If you want to grow your account this is definitely the place you want to be.

  57. Max Irwin (verified owner)

    Best live trading by far. The trades are great, but the knowledge that drops daily is second to none. Just join.

  58. Vuong Nguyen (verified owner)

    Brett and Kev are the motherfucking goats in here. Calling 100% trades almost every day and if theres a loss day bet they’re making us 200% the next day. Subscription is literally pocket change after you join. GET HIP!

  59. Logan Skalka (verified owner)

    Brett and Kevin are the GOATS! These guys make it easy to confirm what you’re learning and also provide prime learning information in real-time during market hours. You CANNOT find something near the quality or price anywhere else. JOIN NOW and your life will be forever changed for the best! Also, be ready to hype out while you’re sitting in the room by yourself!

  60. Carlos Navarro (verified owner)

    This room is definitely way worth it! I did not expect how much fun it could be to trade. Brett has some dope music and keeps the atmosphere fired up! between kevin and brett I have learned so much more on why they take different options! I enjoy waking up every morning and joining the room.

  61. Andrew Dickens (verified owner)

    Not only have I actually made money, but I learn a fuck ton… mainly from vibe music and the yelling. Best investment ever!

  62. Steven (verified owner)


  63. Joel Gutierrez (verified owner)


  64. MARCELO CRESPO (verified owner)

    I love it, I’m getting a lot of knowledge. I do recommend this membership… AAAAAAAAAAA++++++

  65. Gabriel Napoli (verified owner)

    These dudes are fuckin’ nuts! Its like Bill Nye (Brett) and Neil DeGrase (Kev) teaching you the wonderful world of stonks and options! Best membership you can as for! Get of the Netflix, the Hulus, The HBO, the Porn Subs all those things give you is mindless entertainment and nutting on rags and socks. Switch to these dudes and the make you money.

  66. Hank Lai (verified owner)

    Learned a lot during trading with Brett. We win together and loose together.

  67. Francisco Caamano (verified owner)

    Most entertaining way to do live trading by far! Printing money with Simba and best playlists. Lots to learn from these remarkable individuals. Best way for beginners to start trading! Start making money today!

  68. Patrick Kelley (verified owner)

    Absolute PRINTING MACHINES. Brett comes in lite AF every morning, except when the omnitron’s got him. Kev is a goat and just goes off every day in here and his chat. Thank you guys so much!

  69. Rod (verified owner)

    10/10 trading 10/10 music 10/10 geeks

  70. Nimash Rodrigo (verified owner)

    Totally worth the investment. Gained so much knowledge since joining from Bret & Kevin. They’re changing lives!

  71. ALSKI130 (verified owner)

    A very Energetic guy!! you can’t help but to get jacked up with him, it is truly addictive!! Simba and Kev are real GOATS!!! love Brett’s style of guidance!!

  72. Kurran Kelly

    Amazing Zoom, great knowledge shared. I paid for the entire year playing small size along with the 10k challenge signals.

  73. RichFiggaz (verified owner)

    Simba and Kev are the best in the game at what they do. They give out great calls in the boiler room, but most importantly they really preach education. If you don’t take advantage of the calls it’s still a great way to wake up and be hyped the F up!!! The motivation in this room is next level.

  74. Derrick Moore (verified owner)

    Been in boiler room for 2 days and all I can say is this is the best decision I have made, if you havent joined yet what are you waiting on brett and kev hands down are the best

  75. Victor Morella (verified owner)

    Brett and Kev are the fucking man. In the past 2 days, I’ve made enough money to pay for 2 years of membership. They don’t only tell you what to do but give you reason behind every trade they enter. Brett is very good at explaining this. I look forward to all they hype they bring in the zoom every morning. BING to the fucking BONG BITCHES. Let the journey begin

  76. Voone

    Boiler Room is way sick! Funniest thing to hear Bret and Kev go crazy hyped. They make it really comfortable and easy to follow along and take the proper trades. They tell you exactly when to enter and exit. I get to learn a lot from them explaining their moves and showing strategies plus you make money at the same time making the whole learning experience less painful! Love it!

  77. Dayamd (verified owner)

    This will be the best decision of your life. Trading live with Brett and Kevin feels like you’re trading with the boys. These guys kill it, super Saiyan gods!!

  78. Rodney Galgiani (verified owner)

    Make sure you come into this with a clear mindset and be ready to listen. Brett knows what he’s talking about and will put you on the right track. I can’t emphasize the listen part enough, speaks gold and will print cash every week… trust the process

  79. Trent VanHorn (verified owner)

    Joined boiler room 3 days ago and trade during work. Brett got me so hyped today I started yelling LFG in my cubicle making 60% on my account in 30 minutes. Boss called me into the office to ask why I was screaming… Told him it aint easy being breeeeeezy baby! Best decision ever. Cant wait to put in my 2 weeks notice so I can get hyped in peace.

  80. Joshua Crofton-Macdonald

    Boiler Room is legit. I made my investment back in 2 days. Just buy it. dont be a pussy.

  81. Kenny Ta (verified owner)

    now i can eat lobster with my cup noodles. love this place

  82. Johnny Lara (verified owner)

    Best technical plays and even though it says 3/4 days live trading Brett is on it 5 days a week! Explains why he is taking entries and exits. Live trading is so much more beneficial. If you have a clear understanding of option trading and want to secure more profits this is the place. Just the knowledge Brett provides on his though process for plays is worth the fee to get in.

  83. Kevin Vang (verified owner)

    Joined and learned to much and made $$$. Dude is legit good! Trade days says 3 days a week but most of the time its 5 days. Which makes it even better!

  84. kevin aoki (verified owner)

    favorite place to go in the mornings. hilarious and informational. they got a decent DJ 😜🤟

  85. Kashin Lam (verified owner)

    The sheer entertainment and knowledge of the boiler room is worth more every penny. I joined after Christmas break and everything Brett/Kevin say still sounds like a foreign language to me but with time i hope to get on their level.

  86. Chad Smith (verified owner)

    I have only been in for 3 days now and 100% worth joining! The knowledge and insight they share is insane! Not to mention I’m up over $2K on their calls in my first 3 days! Love these guys already! Happy to be a part of this community!

  87. Becky Bosco (verified owner)

    Love the vibe in here and the knowledge they drop. It is super helpful to me to see the charting in real time and explanations on why trades are being taken, what indicators are used, etc. Love the short lessons Brett has been doing while we are waiting around for trades to play out. Learning every day. Not every single day is a green day but you shouldn’t expect it to be. Happy to be a part of this community!

  88. Luis diaz (tonythebarber)

    By far the easiest follow along way to become a successful options trader…they are on the money and they make it fun to trade in a stress free environment

  89. Deborah Radmanesh (verified owner)

    Sick beats and even sicker trades. Where else can you make your membership in one trading day?

  90. Jesus Lara (verified owner)

    Best program ever from Brett. I’ve been following his signals on Simbastocks but nothing like Boilerroom! The guy is a GOAT ! I meet him personally at the workshop in Miami and the way he explains everything makes it look so easy. Never stop learning from him ! I hope I can grow my account big time with him. Thanks for everything Brett !!!

  91. Adrien Couto (verified owner)

    who needs cocaine at 930 am when u have brett simba at 930am!!!!!!!! this guy is so hype and amazing LFG!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Cesar Arizaga

    Brett’s the fuckin man! Really appreciate the hard work he puts into this trading room! LFG!!!!

  93. Jesus

    I only trade couple times a week because of work but every trade I’ve taken has come back with gains. Been trading for a little over a year and can say Dude Brett goes off big respect to the knowledge he brings to the zoom lives 🙏🏽

  94. Daniel Prince (verified owner)

    Brett & Kevin…oh man fuk a goat! They the GOD DAMN ZOO u’Heard. Appreciate u guys FRFR. Ain’t easy being brezzy. BING BONG!!

  95. Joseph Zajicek (verified owner)


    Ok now that I have your attention.

    These fuckinggggg guys!! Shit is hype everyday. I promise you, this is the chat you want. Confidence, foresight and fucking killer plays.

    To the fucking moon bitches

    Just join and stop missing out on money!!!

  96. Chatwan Owens (verified owner)

    Trades are FIRE!
    Songs are FIRE!
    Energry is THROUGH THE ROOF!
    BEST decision ever….

  97. Jairo Armenta (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to learn how to trade options, THIS is it! Daily zoom meetings are LIT, very informative yet they make it super entertaining and fun! They explain chart analysis live with a group chat in the meetings for you to ask questions. Live trading with two of the BEST! How a membership is priced this cheap, I don’t know but easily worth the investment given the trades they signal pay for the membership 10x! Invest in yourself and learn a skill that will make you more money then a job could ever pay! I’ll be here learning and growing until i’m ready to go at it alone. Until then, bing bong!

  98. Sarkis Piloyan (verified owner)

    Why pay for Spotify or Apple music when you can get it here with live trading. Feels like a rave for traders.

  99. DeArmand Ellis (verified owner)

    Comedy, money, zoom party and lessons cant fucking go wrong!!

  100. Nicholas Hill (verified owner)

    Not sure who’s Goku and Who’s Vegeta, but when they’re together they are UNDEFEATED! Crazy mf’s, crazy trades and crazy atmosphere. Still waiting on them to follow me back on IG so we know its real haha

  101. Sean Thomason

    Been vibing with brett n kev for a bit now. all brett needs to do is hit the bing bong and were printing. thanks breez

  102. vidgee (verified owner)

    I’m on my 1.5 years of trading. I wish I found you guys in the beginning. I gone thru multiple groups just to keep giving the market my money. Been following y’all for a while before I joined. 1 week in and I seen the potential and what this group could do to my life. I’m sure my life is going to change for the better being in this group. Boiler room baby! I’m a better trader everyday after the boiler room! Thanks!

  103. Banvir Sandhu (verified owner)

    yo I wish school was this lit. we’re done printing before people wake up lmao

  104. Robert Roberto (verified owner)

    The Boiler Room is the only thing that can wake me up before 6 am (PST). Brett & Kev have really shown their commitment to bring knowledge, understanding, and wealth to anyone who wants it and commits to it. Overall joining BR has been the best decision for those looking to take control of their finances and actually generate life-changing wealth.

  105. Enoch Burrola (verified owner)

    Brett reminds me of the Professor from Money Heist, all about printing that money.

  106. Devin Burns

    This here is where it’s at baby. You learn a lot, make a lot money (if you f**king listen and READ the screen), and are entertained all together. Kevin and Simba are the real deal! Bing Bong Bihhh!

  107. Brett’s Biggest Fan

    My life changed soon as I purchased the boiler room, nobody comes close to guiding and holding your hand thru a trade as passionate and sensual as Brett. As I been spending more and more time in the boiler room, I notice im getting taller, my hair getting fuller, and my skin getting smoother. I recorded Brett saying “LETS FUCKING GO” and put it on repeat during my gym sesh. Sometimes Brett will be generous enough to have extra boiler room sesh giving enough affection and love from the members. I gotten so good at giving love to Brett, my girl is becoming jealous.

  108. Chenga Sherpa (verified owner)

    I don’t believe you guys are good ,,,you guys are fucking awesome…….
    keep on guys…thnkx

  109. Michael Richardson (verified owner)

    The knowledge gained here is second to none!! I’m an old fart in here (41) and Brett and Kevin can teach me they can teach anyone!!

  110. Novi Yuanita

    Brett is funny AF. He’s a good trader and freakin loves his energy. The music is lit. The good thing about joining this is you get to learn why you get in and out the position with naked call and puts. I used to do selling put/credit spreads. I want to get more profit. With Broiler room, you learn how to trade with what the market gives you and Brett and Kev teach you that. I joined because of the free zoom call and joined the membership. So far, I lost some and I won some. I am confident that my win gonna exceeds my lost long term and master the psychology behind trading to be consistent long term.

  111. Amir Far (verified owner)

    Yo! let`s go…
    The energy of the room is top the notch
    It makes you get of the couch
    He makes trading fun and easy
    Yall know trading no peasy
    He makes money printing calls
    This dude has got some balls
    When needed he shorts them all
    A green candle starts to fall
    Yo! It`s been a pleasure been in the room
    The vibe! You and Kevin! Bing, Band, Boom!

  112. zrhea (verified owner)

    Fuck ya life if you ain’t in here bing fucking bong!

  113. Chavit Singson (verified owner)

    You actually learn lot of stuff in Boiler Room about trading and in life in general. Like how to pronounce ETH, it’s not ETH. It’s ETH, like Etherium. You know. And make tons of money too. Love Brett’s trading style – patience, speed, calculated risk.

  114. Levi Wright (verified owner)

    You gotta pay for the qualitay. You’ll learn how to make money and trade in live action. Youtube won’t teach you this.

  115. Mitchel Cadigan (verified owner)

    I’m just in here for my mental health. Y’all are funny af!

  116. Stephen Lesser (verified owner)

    Had a long 9-5 career as a CMO and decided it was time to try something new. Brett’s energy is amazing and both he and Kevin have taught me a ton about options trading in a short time. Feel like i’m 30 all over again. Great to wake up with 42 Dugg at 630 every morning

  117. Nicholas Leger (verified owner)

    Best investment ever, worth every penny on the first trade and in the green from that point after. The daily lessons are the icing on the cake.

  118. Mark Garan (verified owner)

    Worth the money! you can basically pay for your monthly in one trading day. One of the best thing that you gain being in here are the knowledge that are being shared by Bret and Kev!

  119. B (verified owner)

    The amount of knowledge these dudes throw out regularly is crazy, I’ve gone from averaging 500-1k a week to 2-3k a week because of their fire plays. I hate waking up early but it’s a lot more bearable when you’re making bands and listening to bangers lmao, this is an amazing investment to make in yourself and it’s got my friends asking me for plays on the daily now 10/10 would recommend

  120. Parker McKeehan (verified owner)

    Kevin and Brett are awesome. I love that they stay flexible to play calls and puts. Printing money day after day with banger after banger, best $200 I spend a month.

  121. Jonathan Maranon (verified owner)

    Great knowledge on how the stock market behaves. 10/10 would recommend for anyone that wants to be a profitable day trader

  122. Ty (verified owner)

    Don’t even know where to start, both of these guys changed my life. If you hesitant on spending money with them, then you scared of investing into yourself and changing your life. The Dynamic Duo !!

  123. Christopher Garcia (verified owner)

    This guy models for Versace underwear and sells stocks! Why wouldn’t you want such a sexy coach!!

  124. Gomez

    Brett’s always late. He prioritizes is mentorship first and always complains when we put him on blast. Come correct or don’t come at all

    • adminbrett

      I’ve been late maybe 3 days out of the past 4 months so idk wtf you are smoking

  125. Jamie Langston (verified owner)

    It feels like I’m working at the mint and stealing money in this group

  126. michaelmc33 (verified owner)

    Brett and Kevin changed my life.

  127. Jonathan Valencia (verified owner)

    Boiler room has changed my experience and perception with trading. Watching Kevin and Brett trade and make tactical decisions has taught me how to trade without letting my emotions cloud my judgment. I’ve had boiler room since it started and it’s changed my trading entirely. Their technical analysis zoom sessions and transparency makes the 150$ worth every penny. Thank you Brett and Kevin, I appreciate how genuine you guys are. You guys keep it a buck at all times. Aside from all the fire alerts there’s so much to learn. From the zoom session, the community in telegram, the motivational messages and charts. Nobody else does it like these two. BR for life ‼️

  128. Jonathan Valencia (verified owner)

    Boiler room has changed my experience and perception with trading. Watching Kevin and Brett trade and make tactical decisions has taught me how to trade without letting my emotions cloud my judgment. I’ve had boiler room since it started and it’s changed my trading entirely. Their technical analysis zoom sessions and transparency makes the 150$ worth every penny. Thank you Brett and Kevin, I appreciate how genuine you guys are. You guys keep it a buck at all times. Aside from all the fire alerts there’s so much to learn. From the zoom session, the community in telegram, the motivational messages and charts. Nobody else does it like these two. BR for life ‼️🔥

  129. Patrick Mora (verified owner)

    Kevin and Brett created the greatest community to date. The ability to learn from the best. All about following your plan while learning from these two.

  130. Aaron Hanna (verified owner)

    Great subscription, make your money back in 1 trade!

  131. Sara Maes (verified owner)

    These guys know what they are doing. And they make it fun! Make money and make friendships here!!

  132. Daryll Zeiser (verified owner)

    Goats! Made my money back 5x this week

  133. Patrick Mora (verified owner)

    Kevin and Brett created the greatest community to date. All about following your plan while learning from these two. They give us room to print and to learn from the market and our mistakes

  134. Aaron Hanna (verified owner)

    Great subscription, make your money back in 1 trade! Fire!

  135. Michael Vasquez (verified owner)

    Boiler room stays cooking up best trading group in the world! No cap!

  136. Kristian Torres (verified owner)

    Absolutely fucking fire hands down I can’t believe how quick I made this money they print print

  137. Anthony McNeil (verified owner)

    THESE dudes straight PRINT!!!! Worth every dime. You can make your membership back in seconds following their signals

  138. mikelabresenden123 (verified owner)

    These guys rlly do show up everyday. U gotta put in work but can always count on them🤷‍♂️.

  139. Ahsan Nehal (verified owner)

    This is probably the best trading group that I have joined. Not only I made good green but I also learned a lot. My end goal is to trade all by myself so I can quit my 9-5 but Brett and Kev made trading so much fun that I really want to trade with them for the rest of my life.

  140. Fernando Marquez Romero (verified owner)

    As a pre-med student learning from Brett and Kevin; I can genuinely say that these individuals are blessing us everything day. They are printing us money. They are literally paying off my debt. thank you <4 BOILER ROOM FOR LIFE

  141. Ryan George (verified owner)

    Knowledge is power. Brett and Kevin kill it and helping make us rich, couldn’t want anything more. Thank you guys for showing up everyday to teach fireee!!

  142. Donna Buie (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend. Gained so much knowledge and skill sets just being in boiler room for one month!

  143. Kristian Torres (verified owner)

    This group will change my life so much more it already did in 3 minutes fire

  144. Donna Buie (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend. Gained so much knowledge and skill sets just being in boiler room for one month! Kevin and Brett def out here changing peoples lives

  145. Chris Harris (verified owner)

    If you like being poor, don’t sign up… For real, Brett and Kevin play bangers on ZOOM, print $ like Powell, and teach better than your Granny.

  146. Payton Hong (verified owner)

    Best in the game, energy is crazy from Brett and Kev they do NOT miss 🔥🔥 These guys really changing lives

  147. adrianr10 (verified owner)

    These guys are ridiculously good, you won’t regret joining. Much to continue learning from these guys, and I regret not had joined earlier. Big shout out to kev and Brett!

  148. UnoDosTreyM (verified owner)

    ShoutOut to amazing signals from Brett and Kev. They’ll help you make bank!


  149. Ricardito Flores (verified owner)

    Boiler coming in hot! Best decision I’ve made!

  150. Jack Johnson (verified owner)

    I have developed tremendously as a trader since I have been a part of Boiler room. Brett and Kev dont just call out when to buy and sell but educate and develop the traders in their group. I came in unprofitable but now I have the correct mentality to grow accounts and make money thanks to them!

  151. Prashant Mishra (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the best group out there. You guys are doing an insane job helping out people and enabling them to become financially free. I would definitely recommend joining this group for the first month and see for yourself. I can bet you won’t regret it and would most likely make the first month fees in just 1 trade 😀
    These guys teach you everything, right from taking profits at regular interval to managing your portfolio risk. I have learnt a lot in last 2 months. I am sticking to this group even if we have a bad days or a bad week because I believe we will fucking kill it in the further days and weeks. One more important thing to mention, you don’t wanna miss out on SHREK. He is GOD. Join the group and you will know what I am talking about! Happy Trading to All!!

  152. Roy Lopez (verified owner)

    I dont even know why I bother to go to work anymore. Yall make me more money in less then an hr then I make working 8hrs at work plus my commission lol soon to be retired from the 9-5 baby, cause of yall!!!

  153. Drake Walters (verified owner)

    These guys are the GOAT. Been learning what I can from there them, finally took the leap to join and I’m already making back the membership. 10/10 would recommend to any beginners & advanced traders

  154. Nathan Udeh (verified owner)

    you might wonder if i work for Boiler room, i dont actually, but if you intend trading smartly, i advice you join us here where you can make your monthly salary in a period of one day. Brett and Kevin make printing green you guys.

  155. cole Thompson (verified owner)

    Brett and Kev are two of the realest dudes you’ll meet in this industry. They take time to make sure we all understand what they’re seeing. The live training and videos are unmatched. Been a member for 5ish months and I’m so glad I decided to take a chance on Boiler Room!

  156. Andrea Reyes (verified owner)

    Great energy, signals are on point. Tons of knowledge.

  157. Raymond Zhang (verified owner)

    2 types of traders, and they gives a good insight on what you should be looking for in those types of trades. Sometimes, signals run fast so be ready, but keep in mind of exposure cuz Brett and Kev play with bigger accounts. You ain’t gotta play all the ones they give, just the right sized ones, and you will still profit from their help.

  158. CALLMECHEF (verified owner)


  159. Beau Huebner (verified owner)

    Gaining knowledge every day! Great group… Great signals!!
    It’s nice to be green 😉

  160. Joseph Fabbricatore (verified owner)

    Boiler Room is the real deal! Brett & Kev not only give out great signal but they explain why they get into the trades. They will make you money but more importantly they’ll teach you to make it on your own! The knowledge they provide is priceless! Excited for where this journey will take me!

  161. Benjamin Williams (verified owner)

    absolutely unreal. i still have yet to hit my breakeven over the last year because i’m down so much but if i would have just had patience with most every trade they signal i would be up 50k+ right now or something like that. the consistency is actually hard to believe. i still am learning a lot but seeing how these guys do it inspires me to never give up because i know just how powerful this shit is and i see it as my form of freedom if i could do even half or a quarter of what they are doing. i thought $250 a month was going to be too much but almost every single day there are multiple opportunities to make 1k+ which is fucking UNREAL considering that’s 10x what i’ll make in an 8 hour shift. i applaud these guys

  162. Joshua DeCann (verified owner)

    I have been a member for a LITERAL DAYY. And already banking more than I ever had before. Only can take small trades with my account size. But hoping to slowly get to a point where I can take more of the trades and build this account up!!! Appreciate you guys!!

  163. Benjamin Williams (verified owner)

    absolutely unreal. 10/10. the consistency these guys have is hard to fucking believe considering people try to beat the S&P’s like 8% average a year. these guys doing 100,200,300% on the daily/ weekly all the fucking time.

  164. Tim Tanefski (verified owner)

    Great mentors. not only give fire signals but help you learn how to trade and learn for yourself so you can do it on your own. best stock group HANDS DOWN. If ur thinking about joining, give into the FOMO cuz we gonan fucking PRINT BRUH XD

  165. Jonathan Stock (verified owner)

    This place is where it’s at!! Both Kevin and Brett don’t just hit signals they teach u too through weekly lessons. You definitely making money off of this small investment

  166. Ian Quinn (verified owner)

    The callouts and education are top tier. So happy to be able to listen to kev and brett everyday

  167. Edward Kuhns (verified owner)

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  168. James Chev (verified owner)

    Great community! In-depth reviews. You learn and become self sufficient

  169. ANDREY TIKHONCHUK (verified owner)

    Fire room. Amazing energy. Amazing callout every day. Only room to be in. #GreenShrektime

  170. Jeremy Corpuz (verified owner)

    This guys are literally the goku and vegata in the boiler room killing the market making the group big gains. You won’t regret and will make your money back in a few minutes 💯

  171. stfups (verified owner)

    Learned so much the past 2 weeks~ You’ll learn key info, good laughs & food for life. Life changing info

  172. Garrett Brickner (verified owner)

    Pays for itself, on average in about 5 min. These guys signal bangers multiple times a day. The knowledge they share is great, and have tons of content/videos regularly. So thankful to have found them on the start of my option trading journey before I wasted thousands on trial/error.

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